I have recently changed my main operating system from ubuntu (that I have used for quite a long time, but have not liked some changes) I have looked around for many alternatives, I saw Arch Linux as a real posibility but then I found Manjaro Linux which many people have called it “Arch for people […]

Shell shocked!

Many of you will know of the Unix bash flaw nicked named “shell shock” this has also been said that it makes the Heartbleed bug look small and insignificant. What does it do and who does it affect? Well the problem is this affects quite a few people and a large amount of businesses, so […]

What have you got your self into?

If you are reading this when you have somehow managed to stumble apon my blog, this is just a website that lets me upload all the guff that I want about computing and mostly GNU/Linux and if any of it helps or interests you then that would be great! Some of the items you will […]